I managed to run out of yarn again. Don't worry though - there's no shortage of yam around here. That's not the best part though. I went to Michael's - aware that I might run out of yarn but I was cocky and thought I could make it. I mean I saw the yarn, considered getting it and walked away. I can't even defend myself. Haha.

I'm still working on the scarf & hood from three or so weeks ago. Oh. I started it this year. I thought I'd been working on this for ages. I am determined to finish because it is getting on my nerves.

I finished the scarf part. Here it is - on a friend model. Model who's a friend.

Look at that happy smile
Here's where I am on the hooded part. It seems like I'm decreasing on the sides which makes me sad. I'll fix that.

I barely have yarn left. I'm going to use the white I have which, luckily, thankfully, is the same type. Colour blocking is still in right? And if not - too bad. So life go. Haha.

Made cookies today as well. These were from a mix but yesterday we helped make some from scratch. Look at me being all home-maker-y. Don't even need that Com Sci to be wife material. I bake cookies.

The song is "Give Me Faith" by Elevation Worship. It helped me through this week. I thought about doing a colour thing with it but it's not 10 pm and I'm not feeling it.

This is also completely random but did anyone see the Duke vs. Syracuse basketball game? That was fun. That last three pointer from Duke in regular time? I think yes. Haha.

Have a great week everyone.



  1. I love reading your blog gurl!!!!!! Imma need to buy one of your scarves to keep me warm in this Texas "winter" lol. hope all is well Keren! :)
    - Kathryn

  2. btw, worship chune... tun up! that's gonna be my song to get me thru this week

    1. Haha! Thanks Kathryn! Good to hear from you girl. The cold does hit you a way though. I thought I could manage it because of how last year went but apparently that was "mild".

      About the song - I definitely had it on repeat earlier last week.

      Hope too see you soon. Spring break maybe?


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