A few things to talk about tonight so let's get to it.

1. I finished my scarf/hoodie!

I did. I'm wearing it right now even though there is absolutely no need. When I first finished I was a bit disappointed because it didn't come out exactly like the picture. Since then I've worn it and received compliments on it and I'm used to it. I guess you could say I warmed up to it...because it's a scarf...and keeps me warm. =D

I know. That was corny. Moving on.

Here it is:

All pinned up

My lovely friend modeled again

Notes to self:

  • Make the section for the hood longer so that the hood itself falls closer to my shoulder and then the scarf can be a bit more fluid. Right now the scarf is right around my neck - which isn't bad but not what I pictured.
  • Sew on the inside. The seam for the hood is on the inside but the seam attaching the hood to the scarf shows on the outside.
But yes. I finished it! One more time, I got the pattern from this website. My art teacher will probably tell me that I look like a shepherd girl. Haha.

2. I'm preparing for Love Day

Valentine's Day is this Friday. I want to decorate my room so I made tiny hearts with this pattern. I plan to tie them to a white chain and hang it by my door. 

I had ideas for cards but I also had homework. Homework won that battle. Maybe next week.

3. I played with wire

This goes back to the craft fair. Someone liked my blue, green, copper wire crochet bracelet but someone else bought it. I made another but I didn't have clasps in the right colour. I was tired of the bracelet staring me in the face so I decided to make a clasp. I just wrapped the wire around the basic shape. 

I made a ring doing that last month. Basically the bird's nest ring without the bird's nest.

Wow. I feel like I've talked a lot. That's all I have to show.

The song is "One Drop" by Bob Marley. His birthday was last Thursday and I can't not have one of his songs here. 

Time for another week. Be strong! God said that three times in Haggai Chapter 2 so don't feel no way if you have to keep reminding yourself to do so. I know I need to.

Have a lovely week all,


  1. I like this one. Awww, the Valentine's Day hearts are cute. And it's nice that you're decorating. I want to do something for Valentine's Day but I'm not sure what (well I know what I want but I don't know what I'll end up doing).
    I also like what you said about not feeling if you need to remind yourself about something. For real though. Say it as many times as you need to.
    Alright, I done ;)

    1. Thank you [= I want to see what you end up doing for Valentine's Day.


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