First post of January. Can I get a Woot woot?


Moving on. [= I started crochet May 2013. If anyone's interested, I actually wrote a post about it on Tumblr. I think I've come a decent way and there's still so much more to learn and make. Why am I reflecting all of a sudden? It's because of the piece I'm working on now.

It's this bracelet. I tried making it sometime last year (while I was a young and naive learner) but I had no idea what half double crochet was and the diagrams were too confusing. Now, I know how to make it! So I did.

I like the lacy feel of this pattern. I also like how the scallops build off each other. 

I'm going to turn them into bracelets so later on I'll attach buttons to them.

If you read the title you're probably wondering where "Fever" came in. It's also possible that you didn't read the title and you don't really care. That's cool too. For those who do care, that's the song here. I'm liking the whole music-in-the-post thing. Is it relevant to what I make? Not really but I like music.

Look at what music can do - I'm smiling right now. Lecrae and Papa San? Yes thank you.

School tomorrow! I'm trying to trick my brain into being excited by using the exclamation mark. I think it's working a bit.

Have a great week everyone. [=

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