I was inspired by 'Frozen'. I would go into my thoughts on the movie but I'd just end up rambling. I will say that I appreciated it. I laughed, frowned, and I almost cried (Olaf by that fireplace). 

This week (i.e a few hours ago) I made a graphic/colouring/word picture.

I knew I wanted to do something from 'Frozen' - my friends kept singing the soundtrack. The idea for the design started when I should have been doing work but decided to doodle on the board instead. I came up with this pattern:

When I sat down to work on the design, I realized that I wanted to incorporate that doodle. I played around with layouts. I've decided to include them because I think it's fun to look at the process you went through before you came to the outcome.

I came up with the diamond pattern and the words to the right. Then I played with colours and I thought about using Sharpies:

I thought about doing a grid:

I realized that no one had the patience for that and came up with the arrow pattern. I wasn't sure if I should have used the same colour. I wasn't sure if the arrow pattern would be too much of each colour but I didn't have much time either. Haha. I also discovered Prisma Color pencil crayons. =D If anyone wants to gift me with them feel free to do so. 

I started off colouring lightly then realized that I wanted a solid effect but that I still liked the faded effect. 

Then I knew that I was done with my graphic/colouring/word picture and here it is:

And it's a blatant lie because I cannot stand the cold. I like the song though. Elsa's letting go of the pressure, something I need to do a lot of times. This is my little reminder to let go and chill sometimes. (Did anyone see that? 'Frozen'? Chill? Bear with me. It's late. =D)

Also! Read this review of 'Frozen' by my friend. It is well-written, insightful, and will have you laughing out loud. Well. I laughed out loud. I don't know your life.

Have a great week [=

I'm probably going to change this blog's name this or next week. In case you wanted to know.

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