I don't have any creations to show this week but new things have happened. I finally changed the name and the theme as well! A lot of thought went into this and I pestered my fair share of friends for ideas and thoughts. Coming up with a name is harder than it seems. It's good to keep it simple. Part of my concern was about "branding" and "consistency" because I didn't want to seem flighty or capricious. Then I realized that I'm young. I'm allowed to change my mind. I do not have everything together and if I did, that would be a bit scary. 

I don't have much to say today. Let me know if there are any bugs so that I can tinker around in the html. (It's so fun that you can modify the templates straight at the source =D) 

Enjoy some Frank Sinatra. This song is going to help me get through this week. I am so close to a short break. Four more days. =D

Live a life that's full, 



  1. Great job, Keren! I especially like the search window on top - so neat;-)))

    1. Thanks Maria. I found the template at http://btemplates.com/


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