I don't have any creations to show this week but new things have happened. I finally changed the name and the theme as well! A lot of thought went into this and I pestered my fair share of friends for ideas and thoughts. Coming up with a name is harder than it seems. It's good to keep it simple. Part of my concern was about "branding" and "consistency" because I didn't want to seem flighty or capricious. Then I realized that I'm young. I'm allowed to change my mind. I do not have everything together and if I did, that would be a bit scary. 

I don't have much to say today. Let me know if there are any bugs so that I can tinker around in the html. (It's so fun that you can modify the templates straight at the source =D) 

Enjoy some Frank Sinatra. This song is going to help me get through this week. I am so close to a short break. Four more days. =D

Live a life that's full, 


I was inspired by 'Frozen'. I would go into my thoughts on the movie but I'd just end up rambling. I will say that I appreciated it. I laughed, frowned, and I almost cried (Olaf by that fireplace). 

This week (i.e a few hours ago) I made a graphic/colouring/word picture.

I knew I wanted to do something from 'Frozen' - my friends kept singing the soundtrack. The idea for the design started when I should have been doing work but decided to doodle on the board instead. I came up with this pattern:

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Always Know Where You Are - BBMak

I just re-read my blog posts from June (when I revived this blog) up to now. I'm glad I did. I realize that even if the only people who read these are my family members because I signed them up for new posts by email, I'll be fine. I sincerely enjoy making things so I'm going to keep doing it.

Goals for this year:

  • Continue posting weekly
  • Use my current bead stash before I buy more. (Or too much more). I have a lot of beads and they end up just sitting there. So yes. I declare that I will put a substantial dent into my bead arsenal this year before I can get more beads.
  • Give my creations as gifts. I see most of my pieces as my babies so it's hard to give them away. However, hoarding is not healthy so I will give them to my friends.
  • Draw/design/use sharpies more. I read my Simple Life post and I want to make more word art things.
Those are goals I have for now. More may come up but I think that's a good place to start.

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First post of January. Can I get a Woot woot?


Moving on. [= I started crochet May 2013. If anyone's interested, I actually wrote a post about it on Tumblr. I think I've come a decent way and there's still so much more to learn and make. Why am I reflecting all of a sudden? It's because of the piece I'm working on now.

It's this bracelet. I tried making it sometime last year (while I was a young and naive learner) but I had no idea what half double crochet was and the diagrams were too confusing. Now, I know how to make it! So I did.

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