My latest crochet project is a hat because Go Hard or Go Home right?

I started off with a pattern I found on Ravelry. I made the hat (after restarting a few times and losing count multiple times) but the hat doesn't fit my head the way it does in the picture. I even asked someone with straighter hair to try it. It fit but it still didn't slouch. I will keep saying that it's my hair and not that my head is big.

That's why I'm working on another pattern from McKinley's Closet. It's only 10 rows in and it already seems bigger than my first one. 

Look out for a post later this week about my trip with the school to MoMA and the Whitney Museum! (Now that I've typed it I actually have to do it.) I'd do it now but I have work. Aren't you tired of hearing that? I am. The day I come on and say I'm done with work I'll be the first one to drop off the chair. Haha. 

Have a good week whoever is reading. 

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