It happened! I did the craft fair on Tuesday and had a good time. I don't have pictures of myself at the booth or any of the fair for that matter. It went well. My goal was to double what I made last year and I did. =D


Added Dec 21, 2013

I thought about what I wrote for the fair and realize that it doesn't do it justice. I was so excited for the fair and I think it was a pretty monumental event.

What went well:
  • My display (even though I couldn't get my earring tree to stand. Next time.
  • Getting more of my friends to know about the fair. A lot of them wouldn't have passed by if I hadn't told them that I'd be selling jewellery.
  • Having food! Last year I forgot about the food situation and was lucky enough that someone could watch the table while I got food. 
  • Free candy. People would stop for the candy and then go on to look at the jewellery.
What could have gone better:
  • My earring tree
  • How I displayed the pieces
  • My prices. Apparently I sold some pieces for less than they are worth

All in all I had a great time. I'm still interested in selling my jewellery but I'd rather do it on a more low-key word-of-mouth custom-orders level. I actually have a couple to work on over break. So for now I'm just going to have fun with the jewellery making and see what happens next. 


A bit random. Earlier in the week I went off-campus with a friend to make jewellery with our friend who works on campus. Her house is so quaint. I asked if I could take some pictures and she said Yes. I was wondering if I could see myself in a cute house with jewellery and pots and pictures on the wall. Let me get through this year first yah. Haha.


I did a bit of experimentation that Sunday as well. I usually do beadweaving. I don't usually string beads or use headpins and chains but I tried some of that last weekend. It was fun! Simpler and less time consuming than beadweaving. 

I guess it has been a pretty busy week. 

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