Yesterday, in my friend's room, I remembered that I like doodling. She had markers and crayons so I doodled this on the back of an old quiz.

I decided to do another. I remembered a school trip I went on last summer - every evening before dinner the leader would put out a quote for us to meditate on. I doodled the first one: "Live simply so that others may simply live".

I used crayons and Sharpie markers. I made a sketch of this about a month ago and today I sat down and did it. 

Some thoughts: It's good and well for me to know the quote and draw it up pretty but do I actually live it? Do I actually care about living it? Does it mean that I should move to a cabin in the bush and live off the land? I'm honestly not sure yet but I'll put this up on my wall and keep working on an answer. 

If anyone out there has thoughts on this, feel free to comment. 


  1. I saw this but didn't know that you had made it. Nice :)
    I personally don't think it has to mean live in a cave. It could be on materialistic level but also on a relational level too.

    1. Yay! And you responded to the question.


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