I planned on making some flower rings but I forgot how to do it fully. I wasn't in the mood to figure it out so I decided to do circular brick stitch around. I made four rows around the center bead. The straps are three beads wide. Then I made four rings.

The beads:

11/0 seed beads, wooden beads, fake pearl beads

The rings:

These rings sound simple but they took quite a while to make. About half an hour to an hour. No lie. Anywho. They're fun. I don't have a name for them though. 

I'm trying to be creative with the names.

I had a crazy thought today. What if I try to do a post a day this week? I have free time so why not? We'll see how it goes.

I made earrings yesterday. The same ones I made eons ago in this post. I made the beaded beads in August. They are even count peyote stitch using 8/0 seed beads.

I finally made them into earrings yesterday.

I'm actually quite excited about this whole naming business. I was doodling ideas for tags for these earrings. 

Watch out for the rest of this week.

I'm a fan of breaks. There's so much time. This is a quick one because I'm about to eat.

The first time I did it I planned on making a bangle using spiral herringbone but then I got lazy and stopped.

I attached jump rings and a chain and this is the result.

I'm also a fan of adding the chain to one end instead of attaching it to both and having them meet in the middle. It saves effort and time. 

You can see the first one here at my portfolio of sorts. 

Expect a lot more posts since I'm on break!

I made tiny bow-tie bracelets. I used the same tutorial I used to make the bow headband with embroidery thread. The bands are silver elastic in a chain stitch. Not sure if this is visible but the blue, red and yellow ones don't look as neat because I had trouble cinching the bow. With the pink and green ones, I sewed through the center before wrapping around and that made it better.

Enough talking.

Now to power though this week. Good luck for those with finals!

Haha. Probably shouldn't be typing that out loud but oh well. This shall be short though. I'm a tad bit busy.

I designed and made this bracelet. I say that like it's some big fancy thing. It's more cute and quaint. I'm not sure what to call it yet so for now it's my Three Peyote Circle Bracelet.

Here's the sketch that started it all:

I used 11/0 seed beads and Nymo thread. I used my knotting thread for the strap.

As the name states the circles were done with peyote stitch. I didn't plan for the orange one to be ruffled but I wasn't in the mood to do another and I like the ruffled effect. I joined the circles and then attached jump rings to the outer two.

I chain stitched the knotting cord to make the strap and attached the clasp to one end.

There you have it. My Three Circle Peyote Bracelet. 

Yesterday, in my friend's room, I remembered that I like doodling. She had markers and crayons so I doodled this on the back of an old quiz.

I decided to do another. I remembered a school trip I went on last summer - every evening before dinner the leader would put out a quote for us to meditate on. I doodled the first one: "Live simply so that others may simply live".

I used crayons and Sharpie markers. I made a sketch of this about a month ago and today I sat down and did it. 

Some thoughts: It's good and well for me to know the quote and draw it up pretty but do I actually live it? Do I actually care about living it? Does it mean that I should move to a cabin in the bush and live off the land? I'm honestly not sure yet but I'll put this up on my wall and keep working on an answer. 

If anyone out there has thoughts on this, feel free to comment. 

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