Probably not the best title but who's judging. The colours were getting a bit monotonous on the crochet end so I added some red and green to spice things up.

What are you saying K? Get to the point already. Jeez.

Disclaimer: The photography in this post is kinda lacking. I didn't want to put off this post until later though.

Made another headband using this tutorial. I decided to only do one band because that's how I roll. Not really. I just couldn't bother.

I made a Granny Star using this tutorial. First attempt wasn't so hot but I scraped it together in the second one. Look at those primaries! Of course we're talking about the primary colours of pigments and not of light because that's a whole different bag of potatoes.

Look at the difference between using flash and not using flash. 

Moving on. I also made another flower crochet thing from this tutorial. I'm thinking that these would make nice pendants for necklaces or as hanging ornaments. [=

Wish I had something funny or witty to add but I'm tired so bye.

Also - keep in touch with your friends because a lot can happen in a month. Haha. 


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    1. Tack - since apparently you should be brushing up on that language. =p


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