This week I made rose bookmarks. Actually I made one and started three. There were no raindrops involved - that was the only lyric that came to mind about roses. Oh! Kiss from a Rose by Seal. But that's a bit sappy and who needs sap?

I got the idea after seeing some flower bookmarks on Pinterest. I found a rose tutorial here. I found the leaf tutorial here. (I want to use the rose tutorial on that site later.) I made the stem by doing chain stitch and attached the leaf and rose to it.

That's it.

How it looks when you're done with crocheting:

The final product:

It's fun seeing how using different sized hooks and different threads changes the size. Subtle differences but still.

I'll finish the other ones eventually. 

Now it's time to get ready for another week. [=

Probably not the best title but who's judging. The colours were getting a bit monotonous on the crochet end so I added some red and green to spice things up.

What are you saying K? Get to the point already. Jeez.

Disclaimer: The photography in this post is kinda lacking. I didn't want to put off this post until later though.

Made another headband using this tutorial. I decided to only do one band because that's how I roll. Not really. I just couldn't bother.

I made a Granny Star using this tutorial. First attempt wasn't so hot but I scraped it together in the second one. Look at those primaries! Of course we're talking about the primary colours of pigments and not of light because that's a whole different bag of potatoes.

Look at the difference between using flash and not using flash. 

Moving on. I also made another flower crochet thing from this tutorial. I'm thinking that these would make nice pendants for necklaces or as hanging ornaments. [=

Wish I had something funny or witty to add but I'm tired so bye.

Also - keep in touch with your friends because a lot can happen in a month. Haha. 

I made a headband. A leaf headband pattern that I found here. I'm not sure if I got the order down correctly but it turned out nicely.

I also found a new model. My one-handed shots weren't working out too well.

I tried making it again, thinking I'd be wiser and more experienced. Negative. Not this time at least. Haha. I didn't like how this one turned out. I think it was a bit winjy. Poor baby.

That's it for now. 

Super quick.

Made a spiral rope bracelet last December and sold it at my school's craft fair.

June this year, the person I sold it to said that the bracelet broke but the rope itself was still mostly intact.

I remade the bracelet this weekend.

And I chose the title because I'm glad that it lasted that long even though it was worn in the shower.

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