[Translation: Doing an "All work and no play" type of thing.]

So I just had to put an end to it right here and now. Basically school started and jewellery ended. But no longer! I will try to do at least an hour of beads each week so that I have something to post on Sunday evening.

lol. We'll see how this goes.

Here are some crochet flowers with stretchy string that I did in August. I used the flowers from this tutorial and did a simple chain stitch for the bands.

Here's my first attempt. I tried to use embroidery thread to create a bracelet that you'd tie around your wrist. It ended up being too small for me though.

A final tidbit. When I was unpacking my things, I actually got joy from opening my bead box. I was so inspired that I took a picture.

Artsy enough for you?

Haha. Must go. I gots work to do.


Keep them coming but keep them clean!

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