I haven't been exactly on point with the weekly blogs but it's the thought that counts right? What am I saying though - that phrase has nothing to do with anything here.

I'll just talk about the pouch.

So yes - I finished the pouch that I showed in this post with the tutorial that I found on Meladora's Creations. It was one of those things that looked complicated but was simple once you got going. A 17 DC center, chain petals and then connecting the links in the petals to each other. Not the easiest thing ever but nice and repetitive. I was going to make a purse like the tutorial said but around the 6th flower I realized that I wasn't about that 35 flower life. lol. The wheels in my head started turning and I thought about making a pouch.

This part was fun. I had to work out the mechanics of the pouch without a pattern or anything to reference. I decided to connect the 9 flowers like the pattern showed and then even out the edges with single and double crochet.

To make this sheet into a pouch, I had to buy lining, a zipper and find me a sewing machine. Our friend sews and she told me what to do and how to do it. I cut and sewed and tacked and within an hour and a half I had my pouch! I did the finishing touches with crocheting the final side together yesterday and here it is:

The pride I feel at this moment. =D I'm going to use my pouch to hold my crochet hooks and needles. 

I'm feeling pretty legitimate right about now.


  1. "I wasn't about that 35 flower life" LOL!

    Raeee! Ma phone get feecha :P


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