My sister gave me red stone chips a few years ago and I didn't know what to do with them. They ended up just looking pretty in my bead container. Then last week I decided to try something new. I was flipping through The Beader's Handbook 2 by Bead and Button Magazine and saw the project "Out of line" by Anna Elizabeth Draeger. A netted bracelet using stone chips! To make it better, I already put a dog ear showing that I wanted to try it. So I did.

The beads:

I started all excited and feeling pretty big about myself. Unfortunately I realized that I'd run out of beads before it could decently fit around my wrist. My first idea was to use ribbon to tie it but I didn't think that would fit with the style of the bracelet - I needed a more professional and thought-out finish. I contemplated making a tapered brick stitch attachement on both sides but once I started I realized that I'd run out of seed beads. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I decided to stick with the netted look and used right-angle weave. =D 

Here it is:

I still haven't mastered the technique of getting netted bracelets to fall the way I want them to on my hand. This one bunches like my brown netted bracelet. Ah well. One day I'll get it. 

My only thing is that I was unable to reinforce the netted parts. But I'm so pleased that I was patient and finished it in a way that I'm proud of. 

I made a book.

An honest-to-goodness book.

I bought Volume 2 of Pages by ClothPaperScissors and I liked the article "Fused and Stitched" about making a journal with plastic bags. I made it in a day. It would have taken even less time if I had a sewing machine and didn't have to do all the stitching by hand. I was also too lazy to add the piece of cardboard that should have provided a hard surface to write on. Haha.

Here it is:

So proud =D. Now the question is, What should I write in my book?

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