I bought The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald 2 years ago. I was excited to do them but I was intimidated by the diagrams and stitching so I let it sit. About a year ago, I bought the cylinder beads that showed up in most of the instructions and told myself that I was going to make a "Perfect Pansy". Today, I finally did. [= They're pretty time consuming though. Another important thing is that I'm using Fireline now. I must say that I'm feeling quite legit as a beader. Haha.

The beads:

11/0 Delica BD Opaque DK. Cranberry

11/0 Delica BD Dyed Opaque Cranberry

Now the flower:

I made it into a brooch

Unfortunately, it's a bit droopy at the top but I'm not even upset. I'm pleased as punch with my pretty pansy. (Yup, I just said that.) =D


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    1. Oh wow, thank you! Your comment means so much. [=

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    1. Thank you! And thanks for looking at my blog!

  3. Snap. This looks really nice :) Awww. Look at you. Using all these fancy bead terms that I don't even know. I just had to google Fireline :P


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