I've been continuing the flower theme. At least for now. I made "Bountiful Garden Earrings" from Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher. It's a brick stitched base with fringe. I was so proud when I finished one, and then realized that I had to make two. Haha. They're relatively quick and simple to make.

The beads:

The earrings:

I played around with this little kettle in the house to hang the earrings. I wasn't into trying any gymnastics to photograph the earrings on me - it's hard enough doing headbands. Haha. 

I also started thinking about what other colour schemes I could use with that pattern. It doesn't just have to be a garden right?

I bought The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald 2 years ago. I was excited to do them but I was intimidated by the diagrams and stitching so I let it sit. About a year ago, I bought the cylinder beads that showed up in most of the instructions and told myself that I was going to make a "Perfect Pansy". Today, I finally did. [= They're pretty time consuming though. Another important thing is that I'm using Fireline now. I must say that I'm feeling quite legit as a beader. Haha.

The beads:

11/0 Delica BD Opaque DK. Cranberry

11/0 Delica BD Dyed Opaque Cranberry

Now the flower:

I made it into a brooch

Unfortunately, it's a bit droopy at the top but I'm not even upset. I'm pleased as punch with my pretty pansy. (Yup, I just said that.) =D

Back on that blogging grind.

I made more headbands. =D I followed this tutorial from jjcrochet. I must say that the video was a big help because I had no idea what she meant by working a slip stitch into the top chain and flipping the work and all that jazz. Or jargon. Haha. But I got it and it was pretty simple after the first try.

Here's what I made:

A headband

A bracelet

I also followed a pattern in my Crochet One Skein Wonders. So proud of myself! It was rough though. I kept getting confused about how to start the single stitch and the yarn was so fine that I couldn't tell what I was doing. I decided to practice on worsted yarn which went like this:

Then I moved on to the lace weight yarn. I ended up cutting the pattern in half width-wise and in about an eighth length-wise. I want to start again and do it fully but I'm just proud that I got the pattern in the first place.

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