All through the year, I was itching to make jewellery and I'd always say, "When summer starts." So now it's summer and I've been in a total vegetative state. Doop doop. Maybe I'll do a beading challenge or something. A bracelet a day. I don't know. Anyway. Less rambles more pictures.

I made another sequin bracelet for someone.

I realized that you can reinforce the base when adding the sequins. I also added less sequins and it was easier than trying to pack them in each row. 

I also made a dutch spiral bracelet. It's really loose even though I tried to pull tight at all times. Such is life. I was able to go back through each row. I really liked the fringe as the closure idea but my loop was too big or something related to such. Summary: it won't stay on my hand and the thread shows. To the pictures.

Lastly, I made a bag. Well not really a bag. Okay fine. A purse. A tiny purse. But it's a start. Ha ha. The technique was tubular netting. Closing the purse at the bottom was tricky but I tried a thing and it worked out  so I'm happy. I won't be making one of those for a long while. Ha ha. It practically finished a tube of beads (even though that was my intention - the beads were so irregularly shaped).

That's what I have for now. Buenas noches. [=

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