So what's going on here? I finished my first week of exams. Woot woot. It wasn't as bad as I'd   predicted. Go figure. If you think about it, it's a bit anti-climatic - 2 days for 2 hours. But I'm not here to go on about school. I gots pictures to show.

You'd think I'd have less jewellery. Ha ha ha! Shows how dedicated I am to studying. Sigh. Let's not think about it too much.

I made more of the right angle bangles. I chose unconventional colours by my standards at least. Aqui estan.

I made a 'dangle bracelet'. I don't know what else to call it. I made my first one last year or the year before so here's the flashback thing.

I made another bird nest ring for one of my teachers.

La la la la la. I also tried this thing with a wire bangle. I covered it using the single crochet stictch - Mommy calls it chain. It was pretty cool but then I added beads and it looks a bit awkward. Ha  ha.

I also made necklaces! One with daisy chain and the other with string and knots. [=

That's it for the pictures.

Remember the grey bracelet I made for my friend? The one with the glitch with the glue. Unfortunately, the glue melted. lol. So I used thread solely to fix it and I pray that it stays. Lesson learned.

Now to work.

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