So I had just bought the new issue of a beading magazine. I was all excited and couldn't wait to read it. I started with the Contents page of course (wouldn't want to miss anything important), read the message from the editor section then got into it.

Doo de dee de doo.
Just reading and looking at the pretty jewellery
Oo! There's a challenge where they give people the same beads and tell them to make something.
#1 made a necklace. Nice...nice
#2 made a "slave-style bracelet
#3 made a -
Did I just read the words "SLAVE-style" bracelet???
Yes. I did.

As you can see, it took me a while to process that. Then I decided to see what the Internet had to say. I looked at this site and I totally agree with what they say. Okay. If you say that you're not belittling anyone's background or what some people had to go through but you just use "slave" because the bracelet and ring are attached. I hear you . But "slave" is such a nasty word in my opinion. Can't another term be used. I think hand flower is quite nice.


This was not a fully thought out post. I just needed to say something. Get up stand up and all that.

And for me. Does this mean that I should take a stand and not make this bracelet and passionately admonish anyone who does? It is a very pretty style. Should I use the name hand flower?

What to do. What to do.

This life.

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  1. I understand your concern, and good for you for taking a stand... of some sort.
    I wouldn't full-on protest the use of the bracelet, maybe just ask people to use a different name.

    The bracelet itself sounds okay, since no one really knows where the term came from. As long as it's not a "fashionable thumbscrew" or "stylish dirt eating mask"


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