My exams start in a week and they'll last until early June. Trials and tribulations.

Moving on to pleasant thoughts.

I made a sequin fringed bracelet. ^_^ And I like it.

It's pretty cool that I chose those colours (the colours of the Jamaican flag). It's our 50th anniversary this August. But the really interesting part is that I had tried something like this before. I wanted to do bead embroidery so I took a bit of (brown) felt and tried to stitch some (green and yellow) sequins. Ha ha. I read my mind. 

Here they are side by side. I should make this a thing. Like a Blast from the Past or What I Did First or I could just get to the point and show you the picture. Ha ha.

Now I show close ups of the new one

Next. The week before last was my last official week in school. Almost unbelievable. I will not say that time flies because I know that I went through every single day and it wasn't all fun in the sun. But I'm a bit sad that it's over. I gave my friends goodbye presents. I gave away some of my first pieces - the days of seed beads and elastic, I gave my guy friends Ferrero Rocher, and I made keychains and gave journals to 4 of my closest friends and my favourite teacher. Aqui estan.

Don't know why I didn't use flash


The pattern for the peyote circles was from my handy dandy book by Ms. Cypher. I learned that the amount of beads you add in each round makes the difference between the first two ruffly ones and the last three. 

That's all for now folks.


  1. Really sweet Ker. I especially like the idea of the progression and maturity of the pieces you make.
    Sharing them with your friends is also very precious!

  2. Best wishes on your exams, and the bracelet is beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh, sequin bracelets!!! They're beautiful -- you did a spectacular job. :)


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