My exams start in a week and they'll last until early June. Trials and tribulations.

Moving on to pleasant thoughts.

I made a sequin fringed bracelet. ^_^ And I like it.

It's pretty cool that I chose those colours (the colours of the Jamaican flag). It's our 50th anniversary this August. But the really interesting part is that I had tried something like this before. I wanted to do bead embroidery so I took a bit of (brown) felt and tried to stitch some (green and yellow) sequins. Ha ha. I read my mind. 

Here they are side by side. I should make this a thing. Like a Blast from the Past or What I Did First or I could just get to the point and show you the picture. Ha ha.

Now I show close ups of the new one

Next. The week before last was my last official week in school. Almost unbelievable. I will not say that time flies because I know that I went through every single day and it wasn't all fun in the sun. But I'm a bit sad that it's over. I gave my friends goodbye presents. I gave away some of my first pieces - the days of seed beads and elastic, I gave my guy friends Ferrero Rocher, and I made keychains and gave journals to 4 of my closest friends and my favourite teacher. Aqui estan.

Don't know why I didn't use flash


The pattern for the peyote circles was from my handy dandy book by Ms. Cypher. I learned that the amount of beads you add in each round makes the difference between the first two ruffly ones and the last three. 

That's all for now folks.

So I had just bought the new issue of a beading magazine. I was all excited and couldn't wait to read it. I started with the Contents page of course (wouldn't want to miss anything important), read the message from the editor section then got into it.

Doo de dee de doo.
Just reading and looking at the pretty jewellery
Oo! There's a challenge where they give people the same beads and tell them to make something.
#1 made a necklace. Nice...nice
#2 made a "slave-style bracelet
#3 made a -
Did I just read the words "SLAVE-style" bracelet???
Yes. I did.

As you can see, it took me a while to process that. Then I decided to see what the Internet had to say. I looked at this site and I totally agree with what they say. Okay. If you say that you're not belittling anyone's background or what some people had to go through but you just use "slave" because the bracelet and ring are attached. I hear you . But "slave" is such a nasty word in my opinion. Can't another term be used. I think hand flower is quite nice.


This was not a fully thought out post. I just needed to say something. Get up stand up and all that.

And for me. Does this mean that I should take a stand and not make this bracelet and passionately admonish anyone who does? It is a very pretty style. Should I use the name hand flower?

What to do. What to do.

This life.

Hello all. I'm just going to put up all the things I haven't put up yet. Bear with me please.

1. Brick stitched rings
I was looking through this magazine and saw the Autumn Bouquet design by Lisa Kan. I looked at it and thought, "Hey, I think I can actually make these." So I tried and I did and I made them into rings. I've done 2 so far but they're really fun and pretty simple to make.

Now I'm really proud of what I did next. I made a variation to the design...That's the big thing that I was proud of. Ha ha. So the flower came out different - more rounded. Now that I'm typing here I don't really remember what I did. =S But it will come back eventually. I made this one into a brooch. That part was sticky though - I tried to glue it down because I didn't think the thread would hold. I put it on my bag and it makes me smile when I'm at school.

2. Peyote rings with focal-thing
I made these using this tutorial. I really liked the first one so I gave it to my amazing Bio teacher. Then I did another one which I'm a bit less proud of. I felt very smart because I reduced the number of beads and still worked it out (not really that big a deal) but I don't like how much the thread shows. Ah well.

3. Matthew 7:1-5/Luke 6:41-42
This paper thing is based on those two passages where Jesus basically says "Who are you to judge?" Everyone has their own sins and problems and areas where they fall short so no one can look at someone else and condemn them or think that they're holier than them. Or for people who say one thing "in the name of the Lord" and then go do something that he totally wouldn't approve of. It's a good reminder for me too.

The plan from about October last year. =3

It says: We walk around with mud on our eyes, thinking we're holy, as we look to the sky.

4. Friendship bracelets
Yup. I made a couple. Only have a picture of one because I gave the other to a friend. I've done some other things with thread and hemp but they're not for this post.

5. Peyote stitched band
One of the first thing I ever tried from Carol Huber Cypher's book. My first attempt was about two years ago. Wow. I've improved. Let's see how.
  • I used regular sewing thread which kept breaking and getting tangled (and caused tears)
  • I used seed beads and many of the holes were too small (which caused tears)
  • I ran out of beads because I was using a mixed pack (which caused tears) 
So here's my first attempt at the bracelet.

Holding it, I realize that I just need to apply a little pressure and I can pop the thread. Not very comforting. 

Now on to the new one.

It was my first time using Delicas. I saw everyone recommending *Japanese seed beads* but I was like "Psh. I gots my tube-o-beads and they've been working quite well thank-you-very-much. Then I used them and it was like:

A whole new world!
Ha ha ha =D 

But seriously. It was amazing. They fit so seamlessly and the bracelet is so smooth but still fluidy and all over amazing. Sigh of contentment. =] I finished with a basket crimp. That part didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. (I ended up crushing a few beads...whoops) But I finished it and I like it. 

6. Peyote ruffles
These are from another Beading Daily tutorial. They're actually just peyote circles. You string 10 beads then string 2 then 1 then 2 then 1. I must admit that I started these sometime last year. But I'm done now. I may just make them into a bracelet. Who knows.

I like lining things up in rainbow order
Yay! That's it. I'm done with putting it all up. I'm going to post this now and then I'm going to see if it's too long and if I should separate them.

Nah. I can't bother. [=

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