Hmm. I was looking for something witty/insightful to start with but I got nothing. So I'll just get on with it.

I made this for my friend's birthday. Don't ask what it means or what it stands for or where it originated. It's just this thing some of the guys in my year say. Imagine grasshoppers...or is it crickets? I think crickets. One person starts off, then the rest join in and they hold it for as long as their lungs will let them. And they change their voices to go with it too. Sorry. I can't describe it all that well, but here it is:

Next up. I made more rings like the first one I did. Me so proud =3 Ha ha. 

Just looking at them makes me happy [= Unfortunately though, I may have lost the pink|blue|green one. Bummer huh?

Oh well. I can always make another. And here they all are again.


  1. I like the second to last picture-looking down the line of them. I also like the photo editing of the last one-I see you with your photo/graphic skills :) Good job.

  2. yaaaaaaooooow! yeh keren!

  3. Ever heard of a site called Etsy? Those rings are beautiful & I think that you have what it takes to open a seller account. If someone can get away with selling crap like "Recycled Jewelry" (A Snickers wrapper the seller admits was out of dumpster that was hot-glued to a hook) for $16.99, your work, which is GENUINE WORK, is most definitely worthy of being sold. You do a wonderful job on your crafts! Keep it up ;)

    1. LOL about the recycled jewellery. [= I actually have an Etsy account but I'm not thinking about selling. At least not for now. Maybe, HOPEFULLY when I free up some of my time. And Thank You! I am flattered =3

  4. COMMENT! :D good stuff! girl good stuff!


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