Two things today.

Last month, I made a netted bracelet, following a pattern from Getting Started with Seed Beads by Dustin Wedekind. I like how it feels because it's almost fluid-y. 

The only things are that i) it's a bit big for me because I didn't factor in the length of the button and loop and ii) I didn't attach the button in the best way. Because of these, the bracelet bunches up. But it's all good.

See the bunching?


Sometime last month, I came across this bird nest design by a blogger, Sarah Ortega. It said do-it-yourself so I did-it-myself and they have come out quite nicely...if I do say so myself. [=

Teeny eggs in a teeny basket

Oh, there's one more thing. So I guess I lied.

My aunty gave me some bead stuff. I now have strings of pearls and lace. More items for my bead stash! I was SO happy. =D They look so quaint and vintage. To me at least.

I was so inspired by my loot that I just had to do something with them. So I took one of the lacey things and one of the flowers and made a headband. 

The flower is a bit off though

And all I needed was one hairpin to attach the flower. Which is good because we only have one hairpin in our entire house. Ha ha. [=

Le blog has been looking kinda dry soooo I'm going to post more pictures from my doodle book. Yay!

Ain't they the cutest? (Yes, I recognize that it is February)

Made this for the same friend who dubbed the book.

What I find pretty interesting is that I got different interpretations for that last one. I made it because I was frustrated with Literature. The teacher asks you a question, you give your opinion, your opinion is wrong. I'm not even talking saying the house is red when it's blue. And you know I wasn't even in the wrong...but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Ha ha. This doodle shows what the teacher says but has what the teacher means in brackets. At least that's how it feels to me. Wow. I wrote a lot here. 

Hmm. I was looking for something witty/insightful to start with but I got nothing. So I'll just get on with it.

I made this for my friend's birthday. Don't ask what it means or what it stands for or where it originated. It's just this thing some of the guys in my year say. Imagine grasshoppers...or is it crickets? I think crickets. One person starts off, then the rest join in and they hold it for as long as their lungs will let them. And they change their voices to go with it too. Sorry. I can't describe it all that well, but here it is:

Next up. I made more rings like the first one I did. Me so proud =3 Ha ha. 

Just looking at them makes me happy [= Unfortunately though, I may have lost the pink|blue|green one. Bummer huh?

Oh well. I can always make another. And here they all are again.

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