I have a doodle book which my friend dubbed "My Idleness Book". I started it a little over a year ago. On October 20, 2010 to be exact. So, here a three doodles from my book. I scanned them so pardon the quality.

Use Somebody
(Yes, I realized that it's "and how you speak".)

Boys will be Boys
Yup...I got boys on the brain. =P

Get Over It
Telling myself to stop obsessing over thing and replaying incidents.

That's it for now. I may not get the chance to post as often as I'd like - school has begun. Technically, I won't get freedom until mid-June. But I can't let that keep me down, can I ? 

And the invisible audience says no.


  1. I'm offended! T.T I am not invisible! And your artistic abilities have wowed me, so I think I can forgive you ;)

    1. Ahh! You again! Thank you. You are officially one of the best people I've never met. [= And yes, just because I can't see you doesn't mean you don't exist...me 'pologize [=


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